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Are you one of the many expats who would like to look for work in Indonesia? Then, this article is for you! We get many inquiries on this site and postings on the Expat Forum from expatriates who want to relocate to Indonesia, or are already here, perhaps as a “trailing spouse”, and are looking for work.

Although researching the job possibilities may start prior to arriving in Indonesia it is preferable that you are physically in country before you start to send out CVs. Being able to respond immediately to leads and requests for interviews, as well as to network, is invaluable in a job search. Frankly speaking, it will be very hard for you to locate employment in Indonesia, if you are not physically there.


Government policies towards hiring expats

Be informed that employment in Indonesia is not truly open to expatriates. Early 2016 statistics show that nearly 5.5% of the population is unemployed and a significant percentage of those are professionals. Indonesian government policy is very clear that it does not want a company in Indonesia, domestic or foreign, to hire an expatriate for a job that can be done by an Indonesian. There are too many unemployed Indonesians looking for work!

This policy pretty much precludes the young, adventuring expat with little work experience from getting a job in Indonesia, except as an English teacher or volunteer with an international organization.

Indonesia is one of the few countries in the word that has a Negative Investment List. This is a list issued by the government that prohibits or restricts foreign investment in particular sectors. Obviously if investment is restricted, employment in those sectors is also affected.


justify why this position needs to be filled by an expat,
show that the expat has the proper educational background
satisfy the questions of the department of manpower at the interview
And there must be an open slot in the company's submitted/approved manpower plan
If these requirements (and others) are satisifed, then the expatriate can be issued a work permit. After the work permit is approved, the company can apply for a semi-resident visa for the new employee - Work Permit First - Visa Second! More information on documents needed by expatriates can be found at Visas and Documentation.

If you do not have a work permit, you are not working legally! Be sure that your employer has gotten the full documentation for you. Some employment in the informal section is allowed if the foreigner is married to an Indonesia, but the regulations aren't 100% clear on this exception and are open to interpretation.

In addition to the applications and bureaucratic hassles of hiring foreigners, the company must pay a monthly tax of $100 for each foreigner they hire. These funds are paid to the Manpower Ministry - who uses the funds for training programs to increase the skills of Indonesians. Just this tax alone results in a $1,200 cost/year/foreign employee to the hiring company.


  1. Nama : nurida pauzi
    Tempat tanggal lahir : karawang 10 08 1996
    Jenis kelamain : laki-laki
    Umur : 23 tahun
    Alamat : dusun rawakepuh rt 004 rw 002 desa sindangmukti kecamatan kutawaluya kabupaten karawang
    Pengalaman : pt sgmw motor indonesia wuling
    Bagian : assembly
    Email : nuridapauzi@gmail.com
    No hp : 082296409688

  2. Nama : nurida pauzi
    Tempat tanggal lahir : karawang 10 08 1996
    Jenis kelamain : laki-laki
    Umur : 23 tahun
    Alamat : dusun rawakepuh rt 004 rw 002 desa sindangmukti kecamatan kutawaluya kabupaten karawang
    Pengalaman : pt sgmw motor indonesia wuling
    Bagian : assembly
    Email : nuridapauzi@gmail.com
    No hp : 082296409688

  3. Nama : Padli Nurwana
    Tempat tanggal lahir : Karawang,02 Juni 2001
    Alamat : Dusun Krajan Rt 004/Rw 001 DESA Kalangsari Kecamatan Rengasdengklok Kabupaten Karawang
    Nomer Handphone : 0857-8254-2520
    E-mail : padlinurwana6@gmail.com

  4. Nama : Hari Jaja Juhari
    Tempat tanggal lahir : Subang, 23 Desember 1988
    Jenis kelamain : laki-laki
    Umur : 30 tahun
    Alamat : Kp. Tenggeragung Rt05/rw02 Sagalerang Subang
    Pendidikan terakhir : S1 Manajemen
    Pengalaman : PT Bank Mandiri
    Bagian : SR Staff
    Email : hari.jj23@gmail.com
    No hp : 08561020050

  5. Nama : Rizki Wibiantoko
    Tempat tanggal lahir : Klaten, 1 Mei 1997
    Jenis kelamain : laki-laki
    Umur : 22 tahun
    Alamat : Gatak Rt 13 Rw 04, Wadunggetas, Wonosari, Klaten
    Pendidikan terakhir : SMK
    Pengalaman : PT SOLO MIRNI
    Bagian : Packing
    Email : wibiantokorizky97@gmail.com
    No hp : 081314479150

  6. Nama : Resti Yuniarsih
    Tempat tanggal lahir : Cilacap, 25 Juni 1998
    Jenis kelamain : perempuan
    Umur : 21 tahun
    Alamat : rusunawa cakung barat (albo) blok E lantai 2 no 15, cakung, jakarta timur
    Pendidikan terakhir : SMA
    Pengalaman : PT LION WINGS
    Bagian : Operator produksi
    Email : yuniarsihresti25@gmail.com
    No hp : 081219943105

  7. Nama : Ferdi Akhmad Irawan
    Tempat Tanggal Lahir :Kebumen 20 April 1996
    Jenis Kelamin : Laki-Laki
    Alamat: Selang RT 002/RW 003 Kebumen
    Pendidikan Terakhir : SMK/SLTA
    Pengalaman : Operator ( PT.Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia)
    Operator (PT.Astra Honda Motor )

  8. Nama : Ricky Hendi Utomo
    Tempat tanggal lahir : Cilacap,10 februari 1992
    Jenis kelamain : laki-laki
    Umur : 27 tahun
    Alamat : Rawagabus post RT 002/007 adiarsa timur,karawang timur
    Pendidikan terakhir : SMK Otomotif
    Pengalaman :
    PT Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia (bagian die casting)
    PT Yamaha Motor Manufacturing West Java (bagian welding)
    PT Teraoka seisakusho Indonesia(bagian produksi)
    PT Miyuki Indonesia (bagian welding)
    Email : rickyhendiutomo@gmail.vom
    No hp : 089669666556

  9. Nama : Delia Natasya Putri
    Tempat, tanggal lahir : Kuningan, 20 februari 2002
    Jenis Kelamin : perempuan
    Umur : 17 thn
    Alamat : Kasturi RT 06/03, kab. Kuningan
    Pendidikan terakhir : SMK BAKTI INDONESIA KUNINGAN
    Email : delianat20@gmail.com
    No hp : 083824993440

  10. Nama : Asep Saepul Hibni
    Tempat ,tanggal lahir : Karawang, 27 juli 1998
    Jenis kelamin : laki-laki
    Umur : 21 thn
    Alamat : Dusun Gambarsari rt/rw 010/003 Ds.kalangsuria kec.Rengasdengklok kab.karawang
    Pendidikan terakhir : SMK MITRA KARYA
    Pengalaman : PT YAMAHA INDONESIA MOTOR MANUFACTURING WEST JAVA sebagai operator Diecasting
    Email : asephibni27@gmail.com
    No hp : 085893887984

  11. Nama : Maulana Yusuf Bachtiar
    Tempat/Tanggal Lahir : Karawang, 17 Juli 1993
    Jenis Kelamin : Laki-laki
    Pendidikan : SMK Tekhnik Komputer & Jaringan
    Alamat : Jl. By Pass Jomin – Kp. Karajan Rt. 002/002 Desa Jomin Barat Kecamatan Kotabaru - Karawang
    Telepon : 0823-2068-0822
    Email : Rivhamaulana@gmail.com

  12. Nama : erman m.martahi siregar
    Umur : 23
    Alamat : perum mega rengency blok D47 No14.
    Rt/Rw 003/015
    Sukaragam.serang baru
    Keahlian : mampu menguperasilan forklift
    Email : bangerman569@gmail.com
    No.tlpn : 081290226212
    NB: bersedia di tempatkan di bagian apa saja.

  13. Nama : Dini Haryati
    Tempat/ tanggal lahir : Cilacap, 12 Mei 1998
    Jenis kelamin : Perempuan
    Umur : 21 Tahun
    Alamat : Desa Ujungmanik RT04 RW06 , kec. Kawunganten , Kab. Cilacap
    Pendidikan Terakhir : SMK Yos Sudarso Kawunganten Jurusan : Administrasi Perkantoran
    Pengalaman : PT .JMS Batam Center ( Operator Produksi )
    No.Hp : 0813442
    Email : diniharyati4@gmail.com

  14. Nama:nurjen
    Tempat/tanggal lahir:karawang, 12 november1996
    Alamat:dusun karajan b rt009/004 desa kertasari kec. Rengasdengklok kab. Karawang
    Pendidikan terakhir:SMK LENTERA BANGSA
    pengalaman: PT sumber alfaria trijaya tbk
    No tlp/hp: 085770263455


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